Guarantee of Origin

This LAP is concerned with identifying whether a Guarantee of Origin scheme is in place and would provide recognition of the renewable content of hydrogen within (methanated) SNG for injection into the gas grid at TSO or DSO level
Is it a barrier?
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There is really no application, not now, nor in the foreseeable future, for injection of hydrogen at transmission level of gas grids.


Question 1 Are there guarantees of origin applicable in your country? If yes, which organisation is responsible for issuing guarantees of origin for hydrogen depending on energy source? What are the rules for the use of these guarantees of origin? Please describe.
No, not applicable to hydrogen and gas grids, but for electricity. The Renewable Energy Directive 2009/28/EC specifies that all producers of renewable power have a right to receive guarantees of origin for their renewable power production, on a request from the producer. The Norwegian Energy Law, paragraph 4–3 states that Statnett (system operator) has a duty to issue GOs. The rules are stated in the Regulations on Guarantees of Origin. Guarantees of origin are issued on the basis of metering data which shall be submitted to the responsible entity. Statnett shall log all guarantees of origins that are issued, cancelled, imported, exported or traded in Norway, and provide necessary statistics. It shall ensure that GOs can be traded and cancelled in an objective and non–discriminatory manner. The holder of a guarantee of origin shall cancel it in the register if the guarantee of origin is to be used for documentation purposes. A guarantee of origin can only be used once, and once cancelled shall be considered used. The following information shall be available: Category of renewable energy; Production technology and energy source; Time period for production; Name, location and installed capacity of the installation where the energy is generated, as well as mean annual production for hydropower and wind power; Whether and to what extent, the installation has benefitted from investment support, and whether and to what extent, the unit of energy has in any other way benefitted from a national support scheme, and the type of support scheme; The date the installation became operational. All parties who use the guarantees of origin scheme may be charged a fee by the competent body to cover the costs of the scheme. In some cases GOs are still provided free of charge, whereas in other cases the consumer is charged a daily fee (in the case of Hafslund (the energy and infrastructure company providing electricity in the Oslo Area), 1,50 NOK), if they want their electricity to come with a GO. .
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