Restrictions & Incentives

This LAP investigates:
• The restrictions established for hydrogen L category vehicles using public and private parking places, tunnels and other facilities of the transport network,
• The financial and non-financial incentives provided for hydrogen L category vehicles


Restrictions & Incentives mean the privileges and the restrictions which could be established for hydrogen vehicles by using public and private parking facilities, tunnels other facilities of the transport network.

Pan-European Assessment:

Certain restrictions for hydrogen powered vehicles when using the public transport infrastructure may be imposed in relation to the hydrogen tank on board and their classification as dangerous goods according to ADR. The hydrogen powered L category vehicles have a hydrogen tank which is considerably smaller than that of cars. Due to the relatively low hydrogen quantity stored on board of hydrogen powered motorcycles and quadricycles no serious prohibitions and restrictions are expected when using the elements of the transport network.

Nevertheless, it is possible that the owners of underground parking facilities limit the access of motorcycles fuelled with compressed or liquefied gas. At present, there is no information available about the potential restrictions on transportation of hydrogen powered L category vehicles with train or ferry.

The efforts of the partner countries to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions in the transport are focused on promotion of low (zero) emission cars and busses as they together with the trucks and international transport make up 95% of CO2 emissions in the transport sector. Therefore, in mostly all partner countries have not been put in place any support measures for investing in low emission motorcycles, bikes and quadricycles. The existing procurement rules do not apply to the clean L category vehicles. In several countries are provided tax and registration fee exemptions and reductions for low emission vehicles irrespective of their category. Local non-financial incentives such as access to specific lanes and reduced parking fee are available in a few countries.

severity of barrier:

No data No barrier Low Medium High