Trafin määräys (VAK–tie 2017): Vaarallisten aineiden kuljetus tiellä (TRAFI/248800/ / Regulation by Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi) about ADR transportation on road (on–road ADR 2017)

National Legislation (Finland)
Relation with EU Legislation:
EU directive 2008/68/EY (32008L0068); EUVL L 260, 30.9.2008, pages 13–59, such as it is changed by Commission directive (EU) 2016/2309 (32016L2309); EUVL L 345, 20.12.2016, pages 48–49
Regulation by the national Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi
Affected LAPs:
Road planning
Transport and distribution of hydrogen / Road transport in Cylinders and tube trailers (Bulk Gas / Metal Hydride / Bulk Liquid)