Installation requirement

This LAP analyses:
• The qualification requirements for installers of electrical connections to the building ,
• The requirements for connecting the fuel cell to the gas grid,
• The training and certification requirements for technicians providing gas grid connections
• The differences in treatment between the stationary fuel cells and the benchmark technology.


Connection of the Fuel cell to the electricity system of the building and connection to the gas network.

Pan-European Assessment:

There is no common EU framework for installation of FC micro-CHP units in the buildings or for their connection to the gas grids.
Among the partner countries the qualification requirements for installers entitled to connect stationary fuel cells to the electrical systems of the buildings are similar. In general, the installations can be performed by professionals with an appropriate qualification for work with electric devices.
The connections to the gas grids must also be done by trained and qualified installers. In some countries, the works can be provided only by the distribution network operator, in others the gas professionals must be approved by the gas network operator.
Typically, the requirements for connection of the FC micro-CHP units to the gas grids are stipulated by the distribution grid operators. There are various regulations and standards at national level related to the gas grid connection. No harmonised EU framework in regards to applicable standards and codes is in place.

severity of barrier:

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