Guarantee of Origin

This LAP is concerned with identifying whether a Guarantee of Origin scheme is in place and would provide recognition of the renewable content of hydrogen within (methanated) SNG for injection into the gas grid at TSO or DSO level
Is it a barrier?
Type of Barrier
Regulatory gap
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Question 1 Are there guarantees of origin applicable in your country? If yes, which organisation is responsible for issuing guarantees of origin for hydrogen depending on energy source? What are the rules for the use of these guarantees of origin? Please describe.
There is no guarantee of origin system for hydrogen. In connection to the gas grid issues, the requirements for source of origin can be met by the operator of hydrogen production facility (electrolyser) simply providing information about the source of electricity in the gas network operator data sheets or forms when requesting the facility connection to the grid. The gas network operator is only permitted to demand more detailed or recurring evidence of hydrogen origin (e.g. by means of certificate) from the hydrogen supplier in exceptional cases in which the gas network operator has firm grounds for believing that the gas in question does not originate from primarily renewable sources.
Describe the comparable technology and its relevance with regard to hydrogen
Biogas. Expert opinions or similar on the type of input materials used are not required in this case.C