Guarantee of Origin

This LAP is concerned with identifying whether a Guarantee of Origin scheme is in place and would provide recognition of the renewable content of hydrogen within (methanated) SNG for injection into the gas grid at TSO or DSO level
Is it a barrier?
Assessment Severity
No direct impact


Question 1 Are there guarantees of origin applicable in your country? If yes, which organisation is responsible for issuing guarantees of origin for hydrogen depending on energy source? What are the rules for the use of these guarantees of origin? Please describe.
Yes. However, it is typically used for renewables in the electricity mix (the Fuel Mix Disclosure) and for Feed–in–Tariffs. No organisation issues guarantees of origin for hydrogen. But hydrogen in DK areproduced by electrolysers where there may be used green electricity. Certificates for this electricity is issued by the local electricity DSO.

National legislation: