Safety requirements related to the end-user equipment

This LAP is concerned with the safety requirements (and design and operational aspects) for commercial and domestic end-user equipment operating with hydrogen gas blends resulting from hydrogen injected and transmitted in the gas grid at the TSO level


The requirements needed to guarantee the safety of the end user application.
Is it a barrier?
Type of Barrier
Structural barriers, Operational barriers, Regulatory gap
Assessment Severity


Question 1 Is there any legislation with regard to safety requirements related to end-user equipment (e.g.: limits in terms of H2 for use in gas appliances)? If yes, please answer the following question.
Question 2 Changes to gas supply composition may have implications for the design of gas appliances (safety) and the relevant legislation. What are the implications you expect with regard to the possible concentrations of hydrogen in the H2NG blend?
The maximum concentration of hydrogen in the natural gas grid is 1 %. That is acceptable for all the clients.
Describe the comparable technology and its relevance with regard to hydrogen
Injection of biogas to natural gas grid.

National legislation: