Operation and maintenance

This LAP looks at the difference in the service and maintenance inspection (process and requirement) for a hydrogen vessel compared to vessels using other low flash-point fuels. It also lists the responsible authorities or independent bodies assigned to carry out technical inspections


The owner of a boat or ship using fuel cells and hydrogen as (primary or auxiliary) propulsion is required to
to ensure and document that operational procedures for the loading, storage, operation, maintenance, and inspection of systems for gas or low-flashpoint fuels minimize the risk to personnel, the ship and the environment and that are consistent with practices for a
conventional oil fuelled ship whilst taking into account the nature of the liquid or gaseous fuel. (By IMO resolution (MSC.391(95))

Pan-European Assessment:

There are no special requirements for ships using hydrogen as propulsion, except those of the IGF Code, so as per now there is no barrier specifically for hydrogen. However, the additional documentation requirements for alternative designs could perhaps be followed by specific operation and maintenance requirements in future

severity of barrier:

No data No barrier Low Medium High