Design/Type approval

This LAP analyses the rules surrounding the Design/Type approval of Hydrogen Fuell Cell Powered vessels. It looks, specifically into:
• the responsible authority delivering the permit/approval
• the procedures to be followed
• the requirements for the use of fuel cells (incl. additional requirements in case of liquid or compressed hydrogen
• the specific type approval process for a hydrogen boat/ship


Type approval means the procedure whereby it is certified that a type of vessel, system, component or separate technical unit satisfies the relevant administrative provisions and technical requirements

Pan-European Assessment:

In the context of design / type approval of hydrogen / hydrogen fuel cell vessels, there is a very clear and highly damaging regulatory gap

The current procedure for design and type approval of hydrogen and hydrogen fuel cell vessels (i.e. the alternative design) is not the solution to mass deployment. The procedure for approval of alternative design is lengthy, costly, unpredictable and subject to individual (subjective) interpretation.

severity of barrier:

No data No barrier Low Medium High